Eyewear protections study

In airsoft circles, it goes without saying that using airsoft replicas without wearing protective eyewear well-suited to the activity is completely unthinkable. This eyewear exists in a variety of forms, including safety glasses, mesh glasses, goggles and face masks.

These can vary hugely in price and quality but when it comes down to it, are they all equally as effective, and, in addition, what does “suitable protective eyewear” really mean?

This is the question we will be endeavouring to answer here, in the most comprehensive terms possible.

This document, however, is produced solely for information purposes; in no way does it aim to act as a substitute for existing standards or legislation. Similarly, the information contained in this document is purely theoretical, and does not pretend to take the place of practical tests.

That said, this document neither aims to deal with practical tests, nor the untold “claims” made regarding the mechanical resistance of protective eyewear. The purpose of this document is rather to specify the standards certifying the mechanical resistance of this protection, and the original use for which it was designed and certified.

Finally, although this document chiefly concerns airsoft, it can be used as a reference for all activities posing a risk to eye safety, such as shooting sports or paintball.

We hope this document proves both interesting and useful.

Jérémy Walther,
President of the Association de Normalisation de l’Airsoft [Airsoft Association for Normalization]

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19 August 2017